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Energy International is a national level voluntary social organisation registered in 1985 under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 in the State of Bihar . Since then it has been implementing the dream of Rastrapita Mahatma Gandhi to liberate the excavengers from carrying night soil on their heads in the States of Bihar, Jharkhand, U.P. and Delhi . A number of youths have been trained by the organization to carry out the programme of construction/conversion of dry latrines into Sulabh Shauchalayas both in Urban and Rural areas. The organization under takes such construction at the current schedule rates of concerned state governments and work is done on no-profit no-loss basis.
The organisation undertakes construction after obtaining allotments from different departments of State govt., Slum & J.J. Dept. Of Delhi , Municipalities and corporation of U.P. State and central Government. The construction is undertaken initially after getting 40% advance of the estimated cost at the selected places.40% again is obtained on the progress of construction and balance amount is received after final measurement by the departmental Engineer on submission of final bill. After construction the maintenance and supervision is under taken by the organization after execution of an agreement between the parties. In case there is any mechanical or functioning defects in the shauchalaya the same is repaired on getting timely information by the organization out of its own fund. The agreement is executed for a period of 30 years. The repairing, white washing, painting etc. is done by the organization from its own cost and the government/local bodies have no financial burden. Each user is required to pay a nominal amount for this as service charges and the cleanliness and management or other miscellaneous expenses is borne by the incharge of the shauchalaya. The maintenance has been highly appreciated by the general public and the government. A certificate is also given by the department for proper maintenance of the complex. The organization undertakes other social activities as well mainly for the welfare of schedule caste/Tribes and weaker section of society for special trades viz. sewing, tailoring, stenography, knitting of Bamboo & canes and other such social workers after obtaining allotment from the government so that their social and financial states may be improved after training. The organization is registered U/S 6 (i) of Foreign contribution (Regulation Act.) 1976 and we are in correspondence with Sweden , Norway , Austria , U.K. . and other foreign countries for obtaining financial assistance for imparting practical training, elimination of social deficiencies, provide assistance to aged persons so as to improve their financial and social status.
The executive committee of the organisation's technical officers and dedicated and skilled social workers, are engaged for construction of shauchalaya , their maintenance and other social activities. The regional offices of the organization function in the concerned States. So far 250 sauchalayas complexs have already been constructed and the further construction is in progress. The work to the extent of Rs. 360 Lacs. Approx. has been executed so far. The audit of the accounts of the organisation is done by a reputed chartered Accountant every year. About 400 social workers are working in the organisation. As a result their families are properly maintained. In Urban areas, there is scarcity of sauchalayas/Urinals even now, as a result, the public have to deficate anywhere and everywhere. It is generally found that there is hardly any arrangement for defication at the Block headquarters, Schools, Hat Bazars, etc, in the rural areas. The males can go out of village for defication any time. But the ladies have to go out of the houses in the open space for defication in the nights and in the evening which has direct impact on their health and they become the victim of a number of diseases on account of environmental pollution. In a number of schools there are no toilets or Urinals, as a result the girl students, specially, have to face much difficulties. The state and the central government have a scheme for construction of the toilets and provide tube well in every school for which this organisation has adequate infrastructure. The problem of North Bihar is all the more acute on account of flood devastation in the rainy season. Generally people deficate any where and every where , at the bus stand, Railway premises and other such public places. As a result the environment is polluted & epidemices may also break out.
The organisation construct low cost sanitary toilets which are odourless and only a small quantity of water is required to clean these toilets and high quality of fertilizer is also obtained from the night soil. Air and water become free from pollution. Disposal of human excreta and its management is very beneficial for clean environment and there are no chances of dieseases. The organisation wants that where there is no shauchalaya / Urinals at public places like Hat Bazar, Gram Panchayat, Block headquarters, Indira Awas etc. Such provision should be made, for which government initiative is necessary.
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