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General Specifications
1. Ceiling height of all toilet rooms is kept at 7'0'.
2. Facility of Patent stone flooring is provided in toilet rooms.
3. One care taker room is also included with toilet complexes having 5 & 10 seats.
4. Care taker's room size is 8'-0"X10'0" and its ceiling height is kept 9'-0".
5. Rcc roofs on all rooms.
6. There is a facility of two urinal rooms alongwith open bathrooms with toilets having five or ten seats.
7. Two showcase peet is also available with 10 seated toilets.
8. Provision of pile neev with 10 seated (general) toilets where as open neev with rest other toilets.
9. Calculations are based on newly approved rates ( applicable since 15-04-2000) of Patna Region.
10. Calculated amounts are based on model designs. Changes can be made in this as per requirement of available space.
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