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Institution Memorandum
1. Organisation Name : Energy International  
2. Registered office : Agam Kuan, Patna -7
3. Functioning Area : National International
4. Aim of organization :  
(a) To collect ancient literature, handicrafts and historical objects nation wide.
(b)  To develop Regional arts, hand- craft, shilp and public languages.
(c) To make arrangements in order to train & develop different arts through small scale industries.  
(d) Research & publication on different subjects of arts & cultural literatures nation wide.
(e) Research & publication of the history of different precious occasions, heritage, cultures & festivals nation wide.
(f) Special study & research on collections of views/writings of great people all over the country.
(g) To organize conference, seminars, cultural programmes etc.
(h) To help governments, through govt. funds, in implementation of different social welfare programmes and awareness programs run by the government like Polio prevention, helping footpath childs to grow, awareness programs to help alcoholic people to over- come etc.
(i)  To operate any program having no profit – no loss concept in mind and putting all movable & immovable properties of Energy International into itself.
(j) All income of the organization will be utilised for fulfillment of the aims of organization.
(k)  To operate different developmental schemes, educational programs and development through education of helpless childs as well as Adult education.
(l)  Implementing 20-sutri programs successfully towards development of women, minorities and harijans.
(m)  To make people arrangements for education of mentally retarded children, helpless children, through Deen-Bandhu Ashrams.
(n) To make arrangements for rehabilitation & development of minorities, women, Harijan & handicapped people and to provide commercial training for this purpose with help of governments nation wide.
(o) To make arrangements towards training regarding clean toilet complexes nationally & internationally. Also to construct roads, buildings, drains, toilets, bathroom etc to make clean and healthy life in co-ordination with different govt. & non-govt. organisations. To construct & maintain “ Rain Basera” etc.
(p)  To construct, maintain Bio Gas Plants and to make aware people of renewable energy aspects in co-ordination with govt. & non govt. departments.
(q) To implement the schemes of environmental conservation.
(r) Implement fruits cultivation programmes in selected areas to enhance the monatory level of villagers and doing tree plantation and maintenance work nationwide with help of govt. & non-govt. aids.
(s)  To operate National Integration program with help of different religions people.
(t) To arrange camps for operations of eye disease “Motiabind” in old helpless women and minority people with the help of govt. & non-govt. aids. Also to distribute condoms, operate family planning programmes, Aids control programmes etc with help of govt. & non-govt. aids.
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